McCarthy Bus

COVID-19 Information

We are taking precautions to provide a clean and safe environment for all passengers and employees on our vehicles and physical properties by following state and federal guidelines.

A general clean includes removal of trash and sweeping of floors. During the COVID-19 pandemic, J.P. McCarthy & Sons is sanitizing and disinfecting vehicles. High-touch points are disinfected and a “deep clean” of our vehicles is performed on a regular basis with an agent for use against SARS-CoV-2.

Passengers are required to wear a face mask or face covering PRIOR to entering our vehicles AND for the entire time on bus. Windows are opened, when possible, to increase air circulation inside our vehicles.

Passengers will load bus from back to front. The first passengers on bus will sit in the back row.

In a controlled manner, upon arrival at the school we will unload row-by-row starting from the front of the bus working toward the rear. This will reduce the number of people passengers walk by and prevent crowding in the center aisle. Students are not to stand up from their seat until the row in front of them has been cleared. Once the driver announces that students can begin exiting the bus (again, starting from the front of the bus moving toward the rear), students can stand up and exit their row, move into the center aisle and begin exiting.

We have developed a Code of Conduct for the safety and well-being of our staff. This includes wearing a face covering or mask on pupil transportation vehicles, having hand sanitizer available in offices, discouraging common area gatherings, requiring frequent washing and/or sanitizing of hands and other measures to maintain environmental health and safety. Maintaining social distancing, where possible, is important at our company as is the proper cleaning of our properties.

Additionally, we have implemented a technology-based configuration into our Electronic Vehicle Inspection Reporting program to document disinfection conditions. This is an enhanced tool we use in our company-wide safety program.

The state and federal government continue to develop/alter guidelines,therefore these protocols are dynamic and subject to change.

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