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Safety Information for Parents

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Reinforcing safety rules at home will help our drivers transport our precious cargo in a safe and timely manner. Our drivers know that SAFETY is first and students can to. Communicate with your child:

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  • that playing about at pick-up points or on buses can cause accidents and injuries
  • how to behave in a safe manner. For example, by:
    • waiting for an "OK" from the driver, that it is safe to cross;
    • never opening any door on the bus except in an emergency;
    • never throwing anything out of the bus window;
    • not distracting the driver by fighting or shouting on the bus
  • to ensure children know what to do if the bus is late or does not arrive
  • the financial consequences of vandalism on the bus. Payment to the bus company for any damage caused by a child will be the parents/guardian's responsibility
  • that unruly or dangerous behavior on the bus will not be tolerated nor will foul language, spitting, or any abuse towards the bus driver or other students. Any child who misbehaves may be excluded from the school bus
  • to report to their driver, school or parent of any dangerous or unruly behavior occurring on the bus
  • that you support appropriate action taken by the School or the bus company to deal with unacceptable behavior
  • Help Increase Your Child's School Bus Safety

    McCarthyBus Child on Bus

    School Buses are the Safest Form of Mass Transit in America

    Every day, school buses travel through congested city traffic and on isolated country roads in all types of weather, safely transporting millions of children to and from school and school-related activities. Federal and state standards for school bus construction and maintenance and highly trained drivers are essential elements that make school bus travel safe. A third and equally important factor is student behavior on the school bus. For that reason, to safely transport students, APPROPRIATE STUDENT BEHAVIOR IS REQUIRED.


    Acceptable and unacceptable behavior must be clearly spelled out, including consequences for unacceptable behavior. Inappropriate behavior on a school bus can have potentially fatal consequences. For example, when the driver looks into the rearview mirror to identify and correct student behavior, who is driving the bus? Safe and appropriate behavior is the expectation, and NOTHING LESS SHOULD BE ACCEPTABLE. Ideally, managing or controlling student behavior on the school bus is a team effort involving the DRIVER, PRINCIPAL AND PARENTS. The goals are to ensure a safe ride to and from school and to help school children develop appropriate behavior over the long haul.

    Rules Sudents Should Follow Prior to Entering the School Bus:

    Acceptable Behavior on a School Bus:


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    Discipline on School Buses is the Biggest Problem Confronting School Bus Drivers

    Students are responsible for their own conduct on the school bus. As the school bus is an extension of the school, drivers have the support of the school principal to effectively manage behavior on the bus.

    When a Discipline Problem is Serious:


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